Design kitchen

The design kitchen with its individual, modern shapes and unique character will become a work of art in itself, in any household.

Modern design principles and materials from modern architecture characterise this type of kitchen. Glass, steel or high shine surfaces are used frequently, whereas purely decorative elements are hardly used at all.

Characteristics of a design kitchen

One of the biggest and most important characteristics and advantages of a design kitchen is its adaptability and the design according to the preferences of the customer. The focus is not only on its shape, but also the function, and so there are also numerous well thought out details in the kitchen, which significantly increase its practical value.

Strict and clear contours and the resulting large surfaces are special characteristics of design kitchens. In order that the fronts are shown to full advantage, handles are often dispensed with in the design kitchen, so that the fronts look elegant and linear. Cupboards and pull-outs can be opened easily by a light tap, or hidden recessed handles. Any type of decoration or embellishments are dispensed with.

Thanks to the demure form of design kitchens, they can be combined with almost all elements, and so create a room in which the owner can have free reign according to their desires and moods.

Modern design kitchens currently have a monochrome, i.e. one coloured, design, as a rule, whereby black, white and grey tones are on trend. But also materials such as concrete, steel, stainless steel or natural stone are often found in a design kitchen. According to the taste of the customer, it is also possible for very bright, vibrant colours to define the image of the kitchen, and so bright red or blue kitchens are created.

INTUO Reflekto - Moderne Designküche in "matcha latte" und mit Glasfronten
grey design kitchen