Handle-free kitchen

If you have been looking around for a new kitchen, you will surely also have made the acquaintance of the concept of the handle-free kitchen. Kitchens without handles are currently bang on trend. But what is linear kitchen design all about? Do handle-free kitchens just provide a modern design or are they also practical in everyday life?

For decades, there was only one option to open kitchen cupboards – pull the handle. Designers have rethought this system and created the handle-free kitchen as a solution. In a handle-free kitchen, at first glance the handles to open the cupboards or drawers are actually missing. You can choose between various options, so that you can still open them. You can choose between handle strips that are milled into the wood. Therefore, the surface of the fronts remains free, and at the same time the drawer can still be opened by hand. Or if you want completely smooth fronts, you can also choose the tip-on variant. Here, gentle finger pressure is enough for the kitchen cupboard to open. Thereby, the shelf or the door glides gently towards the user. Even automatic opening of the cupboard is possible.

Handle-free kitchens have become a standard feature in household designs. We explain the advantages that they bring here:

  • Handle-free kitchens look very modern.
  • A kitchen without handles is also a design element.
  • Due to the absence of handles or handle strips, cupboard fronts can be rethought, and therefore also change the appearance of the kitchen cupboards.
  • Extension of the living space.
  • Practical handling.
  • Handle-free kitchens are very low maintenance: without handles you can quickly wipe large surfaces, without extra polishing of greasy handles.
  • Childproof: children cannot pull themselves up with the aid of handles and injure themselves.
  • There are no protrusions: you do not bump into or get caught on annoying kitchen handles.
  • Without handles, a piece of kitchen furniture also becomes a neutral accessory in the house or flat.
  • Design lovers and handle-free kitchens make the perfect team: the continuous lines make the kitchen a real eye-catcher.

If you decide on a handle-free kitchen, you can initially choose between various fronts, corpuses and colour combinations, which can vary in material, coating and surface structure. If you like a classic style, then glass fronts in discreet white or cream shades are a great choice. If the kitchen should stand out, bring colour to your own four walls, and emanate a little extravagance, then coloured varnish or wood fronts are perfect. Surfaces made of concrete, ceramics, stone or slate look particularly high quality, modern and luxurious. Solid wood or veneer fronts radiate a natural and warm look.

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