Industrial Design Kitchen

The trend for bringing industrial style into the kitchen is increasingly on the rise and inspires many kitchen fans. With just a few small manipulations, cool accents can be created.

The industrial style has its origins in 50s America. Back then, artists and designers started to use shut-down factory buildings as studios, and creating new living spaces, so called lofts, from them. These were characterised by unplastered walls, large picture windows, spacious rooms and exposed steel beams. With a little work, the industrial design can also be conjured up in an average flat, and here especially in the kitchen.

The appeal of this furnishing style comes from the comfortable industrial charm, the very individual and always a little incomplete. A casual, informal ambience is created, where the functional with an unmistakeable character is the focus. Flaking paint, brand stamps, signs of wear or scratches are not seen as flaws with this style, but a special highlight.

The kitchen in an industrial design

With a little work, the industrial design can also be conjured up in a flat or house, and especially in a kitchen. So you don’t have to have an empty hall available. If you would like to design your kitchen in the industrial style, you should focus on rough surfaces. A brick wall, unplastered walls or a concrete floor create the right ambience here.

Metals such as steel and cast iron, which also dominated the factory halls, bring the industrial charm into your home. Dark wood, whether as a worktop or in the form of palettes or old wine crates, provides cosiness. A coarse grain, rust flecks, scratches or peeling paint fit in perfectly with the industrial look. The foundations of an industrial look kitchen are shades such as grey, black and dark brown; individual elements can be in petrol or dark blue. Warm colours such as yellow and red provide colourful accents.

Old furniture with a new function

Use old steel shelves as a storage space for preserves or kitchen appliances. Combine them with various metal chairs or leather stools, at your dining table made of dark wood with cast iron feet. The industrial look doesn’t rule out the modern. You can also give your kitchen a more modern design, by using stainless steel cupboard fronts, or playing with contrasts for example cold steel and warm wood, or between dark floors.

INTUO kitchen FERO
Modern design kitchen in trend colour "matcha latte" with glass fronts