Eilmannsberger wins the title “most beautiful kitchen in Upper Austria - modern” in the living space competition of the Austrian economic chamber of Upper Austria. The winning kitchen: an INTUO.

Flagship Partner Eilmannsberger I Schönste Küche OÖs-modern I ewe Küchen
Flagship Partner Eilmannsberger I Schönste Küche OÖs-modern I ewe Küchen
INTUO kitchen (c) Eilmannsberger
Flagshippartner Eilmannsberger | Schauraum | INTUO Küche

The kitchen planning impresses with a well thought out and individual room concept, which harmoniously reconciles cooking and living. Luxurious, high quality materials round off the elegant appearance.

Victoria Schöftner, Planner of the winning kitchen: “The most important thing was to create a modern, individual kitchen with plenty of storage space. Due to its handle-free look, the INTUO kitchen has a clear design character, and captivates with simple, straight lines.“

The kitchen was built at room height on one side. Behind it is a storage and working space. Equipment such as food processors and bread cutting machines disappear behind the fronts - so that the kitchen always looks tidy. The luxurious ceramic worktop is heat resistant, widely scratch and cut resistant and very easy care. The high-tech equipment and inner compartments provide further comfort.

Flagshippartner Eilmannsberger | Preisverleihung Schönste Küche OÖs

Urkundenverleihung / vl: Hubert Kastinger, Obmann Landesgremium OÖ Elektro- und Einrichtungsfachhandel, Silke Eilmannsberger, Victoria Schöftner, Manfred Eilmannsberger und Fachgruppengeschäftsführer Dieter Wurzer

Winning company

Eilmannsberger is an INTUO Flagship Partner and known for its creative and functional space solutions. The spirit of innovation and trends influence the interior planning, without forgetting the wishes of the customer. Apart from planning, the Mühlviertel company also offers complete handling and coordination of conversion and renovation projects. This spirit of innovation pays off: Alongside the title “Most beautiful kitchen in Upper Austria”, Eilmannsberger has also won numerous other national and international awards.

Conception, planning and implementation:

4105 Rohrbach-Berg, Scheiblberg 50

Photos: Eilmannsberger GmbH, Röblfoto

INTUO Flagship Partner