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    A house concept that is captivating due to the open, light rooms and an atrium. The kitchen planning by Manfred Eilmannsberger therefore reconciles furnishing and architecture in a charming way.

    The eye-catcher in the open plan room which combines cooking, eating and living, is the interaction of colour and material between the consistently white walls, the floor length windows and the warm wood tones on the back wall of the kitchen and the floor. The handle-free matt glass fronts of the kitchen furniture, kept in the colour Fango, are perfectly matched to this.

    The centre of the kitchen is the large cooking and eating island. From here you have a good view of the neighbouring dining and living room with fireplace, and open seating area.

    At three and a half metres long, it combines the functional and communicative characteristics of the kitchen. The ceramic hob and a griddle are flush-mounted in the centre, and the extractor fan sits between them, which sucks down the vapours. To the right of this is a sink unit with recessed 0 radius ceramic sink with stainless steel base. The distinctive professional fitting with spray function is chic and practical.

    The 120 cm deep cupboards of the cooking island not only provide ample work space across the whole width, but also a whole range of storage space for tableware, cooking utensils and spices, and space for a fully integrated dishwasher. The strict, architectural look, which contains the cooking island and the slimline ceramic worktop in a patinated metal look, is cushioned by a warm component: a lasered oak slab, placed on top as a counter, and with space for up to three people, who can sit on bar stools in front of it.

    Parallel to the cooking island, the symmetrically arranged technology centre with combi steam cooker, oven and fridge is integrated into the back wall of the room - framed by a mount made of homely, grey oiled oak.

    The connecting element between the cooking and living area is the big dining table. Because, like the counter, the tabletop is made of solid oak. A comfortable cushioned bench and cushioned chairs, invite you to family meals and big social gatherings in the evenings.

    Planing and Conception:

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    Hier wird gekocht, genossen, gelacht und geredet - Miele Österreich hat Familie Hietler aus Rohrbach zu Hause besucht. Eine INTUO Küche aus unserem Hause im Live-Betrieb!

    Geschichten mit Geschmack: Miele berichtet aus Österreichs Küchen und verrät Tipps und Tricks sowie Rezepte zum Thema Dampfgaren. Beim Besuch der Familie Hietler aus Rohrbach in Oberösterreich sind die Aufnahmen dieser INTUO-Küche entstanden. Die ganze Geschichte, sowie alle Rezepte aus der Serie finden Sie hier:

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  • INTUO kitchen planned from Herbert William


    The plan by Herbert William Kitchens harmoniously combines cooking, eating and living. Special feature: the view into the countryside from the panoramic window. The light shafts above the cooking and eating area provide additional light where it is needed.

    Planing and conception: HERBERT WILLIAM KITCHENS,

    Photos: Dan Heard

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    The open plan kitchen-dining room planned by Thalmeier fits harmoniously into the purist yet cosy design of the architecture.

    A clever room divider forms the functional back wall of the kitchen, which can be opened from both sides - if necessary. So, the generous, light-flooded room looks even more spacious. The selected colour combination of oak and white creates a living room with plenty of feel good character.

    Thalmeier Einrichtungen
    Marienplatz 1, D-84405 Dorfen

    Küche Epizodo I Intuo

    Photos: Markus Krompass

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    The team from furnishing showroom Aufschnaiter conceived a stylish interior with Alpine comfort - combining an INTUO Epizodo kitchen with Aufschnaiter’s own design range New Country.

    High quality natural materials from the area such as old wood and oak, loden, deerskin, silk and linen merge with black stainless steel above the roofs of the Maria Alm, to make a special wellness shimmer.


    INTUO Epizodo in sand


    Einrichtungshaus Aufschnaiter

    ewe/FM/INTUO Flagship Partner

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  • INTUO kitchen


    This extraordinary kitchen planning comes from our flagship partner Föger from Tyrol. The well thought out design lends the heavy materials lightness - the kitchen block floats seemingly weightlessly above the ground.

    The room height doors and the floating island block fit in perfectly with the architecture. However, the minimalist interior design looks cosy and inviting, due to carefully selected colours and materials.

    Gerhard Ranacher showed great skill in this project, and gets to the point of what is special about his planning: "My kitchens like to break the laws of gravity."

    You can find even more information about the project here: Föger Blog

    Kitchen: INTUO E02 lava color
    Planing: Gerhard Ranacher, Föger - Der starke Tiroler
    Photos: / Thomas H. Zauner

    Zu unseren Flagship Partnern

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    This INTUO kitchen is generous and light-flooded thanks to the construction of a new conservatory, and now offers space for the whole family.

    Thalmeier’s task was to convert a kitchen that was too small for a family of five, into a generous cooking and living oasis for the whole family. In doing so, the kitchen area was almost doubled by building a conservatory, and a generous and light-flooded room was created. The dark smoked oak floor combined with the clear handle-free fronts of the white carcasses creates a convincing kitchen sculpture.


    Thalmeier Einrichtungen
    Marienplatz 1, D-84405 Dorfen


    Epizodo I INTUO
    APL Keramik, 1cm I Strasser
    Ergänzungen I Schreinerei

    Photos: Raphael Thalmeier

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  • INTUO kitchen


    This INTUO kitchen fits into the rustic surroundings perfectly, and forms a splendid backdrop, with the alpine furnishings.

    Our flagship partner "Einrichtungshaus Föger" from Tyrol was assigned with furnishing an Alpine chalet near to a hiking and skiing region. The biggest challenge was not to overload the room with rustic elements - such as chopped oak wood or stone walls.

    The atmospheric Alpine chalet is now adorned with a new INTUO kitchen with ceramic fronts and fine leather chairs as a red splash of colour. The combination of the Alpine furnishings and modern, high-tech has been a complete success in this kitchen!

    You can find even more information about this project here: Föger Blog

    Kitchen: INTUO E08 Alurahmen
    Planing and Creation: Sabrina Jungmann, Einrichtungshaus Föger
    Photos: / Thomas H. Zauner

    Zu unseren Flagship Partnern

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  • Flagshippartner Keglevits | Referenzküche


    During the transformation of a historical manor house (essentially 16th Century) in the Waldviertel, this wonderful showcase project came about, from our flagship partner Küchen Design Keglevits. The old manor house now combines a romantic castle flair with a modern living ambience of the highest order.

    The great challenge in this project was to plan a kitchen, where no carcasses or tall cupboards were directly connected to the wall. The reason for this was the re-installation of a whole floor, which meant that the floor was not directly connected to the walls. Instead, a 40cm glass band around the floor formed the connection with the room walls. If the kitchen was directly connected to the wall, you would be able to see it from the floor below.

    Küchen Design Keglevits succeeded magnificently in using the special conditions of the old castle, to stage the new INTUO kitchen perfectly.

    Kitchen: INTUO E-02 C

    Planning and concept: Küchen Design Keglevits
    Architect: SPUTNIC Architektur

    Photos: SPUTNIC Architektur

    Zu unseren Flagship Partnern

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  • Edle Küchenkomposition, Herbert William Kitchens, (c) Fraser Marr


    The consistent veneer texture of the luxurious tall cupboard group in “Walnut oiled” makes this wonderfully successful reference kitchen from Herman William Kitchens in the South of England a highlight.

    This handle-free INTUO kitchen impresses with the harmonious interaction of the large, imposing tall cupboard group in "Walnut oiled" and the spacious island block painted in matt "panna".

    The modern character of this kitchen is strongly characterised by the pronounced design of the wood front, which shows a horizontal, continuous veneer pattern. To compensate for this, the generous cooking island is presented with a light, matt painted front, and provides a harmonious, open transition into the dining and living area.

    Planning and concept: Herbert William Kitchens

    Pictures: Fraser Marr

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