Modern kitchen

A sleek, purist design, clear lines and high quality materials – that is what distinguishes the modern kitchen of today.

In the modern kitchen, functionality and design are not mutually exclusive. Behind the no frills façade there are devices and equipment, which allow kitchen work at the highest level. Routine tasks such as washing up or tidying up are made easier, so that you can completely dedicate yourself to the fun of cooking. Clever storage space solutions create more space for supplies and contribute to a tidy overall impression.

Design options of a modern kitchen

A modern kitchen doesn’t have to look stark and sterile, but can be a tasteful and often used centre of your own four walls. Natural materials such as wood are on trend, but also glass, concrete or even leather are used. Different fronts in various colours and materials allow you to design your kitchen according to your individual wishes. It is left completely to your personal taste, whether you choose plastic or glass, wood or varnish. In addition, attractive effects can be achieved with individual elements in stainless steel or copper.

Handle-free designs, which produce a flush look without intrusive handles, are often used in modern kitchens. The cupboards and pull-outs can be opened easily by a light tap, or hidden recessed handles. The fronts are shown to their full advantage with handle-free kitchens, and look elegant and linear.

Another feature of the modern kitchen is that it increasingly opens up to the remaining living space. In terms of design, kitchen furniture hardly differs from living room cupboards or shelves. The open, modern kitchen becomes a meeting place for the whole family, and you can also eat and celebrate with guests in the open-plan kitchen.

INTUO Reflekto - Moderne Designküche in "matcha latte" und mit Glasfronten
INTUO kitchen FERO
Puristic white design kitchen

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